ColorFrame Renders - Colorful Wireframe Renders Addon

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Create beautiful and colorful wireframe renders for your projects and take your presentation to the next level.



Random Colors:

Assign Random colors to all the selected objects. Easily Cycles through different looks by changing the seed value in the bottom-left panel.

Use Color Palettes:

Use 2 of the most popular sites Colorhunt and Coolors to generate beautiful color palettes and use them for creating beautiful ColorFrame renders.

Random Colors by Collection:

Assign random colors to objects of different collections. 

Random Colors by Dimensions:

Assign random colors to a selected object based on the object's dimensions. Objects with similar dimensions will get the same color.


Known Limitations:

>As the rendering is based on vertex colors only Mesh type objects are supported. All other types will be rendered with white color.

>As each vertex needs to be colored one by one it can be a little slow on dense objects.


All Models used for representation are free models from Many Thanks to them.

Feedback and Queries:

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ColorFrame Renders - Colorful Wireframe Renders Addon

0 ratings