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ColorFrame Renders Pro

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Get my Ultimate Value Bundle with all my 15 addons (EXTRA 20% OFF using code 'lucky20',Till 24th November):

Some of the new Features in the RanTools(and P-Cutter) Addon Include:

New HDRI Library, Fast Cutter Mode for P-Cutter , Better Cloth and Cable Simulations, and asset browser support for material Library.

For more details you can check it out here:

V4.0 OUT NOW!!

  1. Line Art Support: We've added the ability to smoothly integrate Blender's line art right from the cfr addon panel. It's a simple way to get bolder outlines along with lighter wireframes, giving your renders a bit more depth.

  2. Animation Support: You asked for it, and we delivered. V4.0 now lets you create wireframe animations, perfect for showcasing your designs from all angles.

  3. Textured Shading: Another neat addition is the textured shading for wireframes. It's a nice touch to make your renders stand out.

  4. Ambient Occlusion: For that touch of realism, we've added ambient occlusion to your wireframe renders.


> New Object Color method with support for more types of objects (Curves, Surfaces & Text)

> Object Color method is extremely fast compared to the vertex color method.

> Palettes are now saved into collections for better organization

> Vertex Color method is now up to 5 times faster.


> Now works in Edit Mode to assign random colors to all the loose parts of the selection. (For Vertex-Color mode)

> Option to automatically create new materials when no existing materials are found.

Create beautiful and colorful wireframe renders for your projects and take your presentation to the next level with ColorFrame Renders Pro.



Includes all the features from ColorFrame Renders

Plus these extra Pro features

Metallic Shading:

With the use of Material Viewport Colors, you can now add Metallic shading to selected materials.

Edit Wireframe Colors and Opacity:

With the Pro version, you can change the color of the wireframe and the opacity of the wireframe right from the ColorFrame addon Panel and see the results in real-time.

Change Background Color:

You can also change the background color or even make it transparent if you want.

Save and Reuse Color Palettes:

One of the biggest updates that come with the Pro version is the ability to save Color Palettes for future use.


Models used for Presentation:

"Halo Reach - DMR" ( by McCarthy3D is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

"HIGH QUALITY SCIFI GENERATOR" ( by Cinnamine3D is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (

Canister by Openvisualfx (

Feedback and Queries:

Please contact at 

or join the Discord Server:

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ColorFrame Renders Pro

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