Saved Views - Save Viewport Location With Thumbnails

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> Introducing Search and Select in the viewport:

Find and select objects by name right from the viewport. No need to go to the outliner every time you need to find an object that's hidden under several objects. You can even search Saved Views names to quickly switch to them.

> New 'Add Camera to view' button

> Quick Save function(Simply Press F5 and enter a name to save the current view)

> Bug Fixes

Saved Views is a blender addon that allows you to save your viewport location and rotation and restore them anytime. It also saves thumbnails for all views to make it even easier to switch between them.



You can access the Saved views panel by going to the view section of the N-Panel or by pressing CTRL+W(which can be changed in the preferences).

In the panel, you can save new views by pressing the + button or remove existing views by pressing the - button.

Thumbnails are automatically captured and saved.

You can switch between the saved views by selecting its thumbnail or selecting its name from the list.

The local view state is also saved while saving the views so you can go back to the local view just by selecting the saved view.

There is also a Camera list to quickly switch between camera views.

For feedback and queries contact

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Saved Views - Save Viewport Location With Thumbnails

0 ratings
I want this!