Bake-A-Node - Free Blender Addon

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V3.0 with the ability to change bake margins released.

--v2.0 with the ability to bake the output to a different UV map is Out Now!

Bake-A-Node is a free Blender addon that allows you to bake the output of any shader node to an image texture. Very useful when you have complex node setups and it starts to become very performance-intensive to do the node calculations. Or when a certain node does not work in Eevee (Bevel node for example).

Free Script Sundays E05 - 'Bake-A-Node':


In the Shader Editor with any node selected press N to bring up the N-Panel.

Under the Node section, you will find an option called Bake-A-Node.

Click on Bake Node to bring up the operator panel.

Select the resolution you want to use and the number of samples.

You can also select the output socket in case if there is more than one available(In the case of Voronoi texture for example).

You can also choose to automatically replace the original node with the baked results if you want.

Please Note:

As I am releasing a new addon every week I don't get enough time to properly test the addon so if you find any issues or errors please do let me know!

For Queries and Feedback please contact at

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Bake-A-Node - Free Blender Addon

141 ratings
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