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DT2DB Bridge - PBR Materials using AI

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Introducing the DT2DB Bridge, a blender plugin that allows you to generate PBR materials using AI. This tool is a bridge between the popular add-ons Dream Textures and DeepBump, providing an intuitive interface dedicated to creating materials with ease.

Note: You need to have Dream Textures Installed and set up for this to work. You can get it from Blender Market or Github(you need v0.0.9,it might not be available on blendermarket):

I got the best results using Stable Diffusion 1.4. You can download it by searching Stable Diffusion in Dream Textures Preferences.

You also need the DeepBump addon. There is a button to download and install it in the addon preferences. Alternatively, you can download it from here:

After installing go to the DeepBump addon preferences and click the button to install its dependencies. You might need to start blender as an administrator to complete this step.

Once you do all this correctly you should be ready to go!

Installation and Demo:


Simplified and Dedicated Panel only for Materials:

Creates Normal And Height maps using the DeepBump Addon and Metallic and Roughness Maps using ColorRamps:

Keyword suggestions:

Beautify Tags:



Simple Steps for proper installation:

Install DT2DB like you install any other addon(Preferences>Install>Select the zip file).

Install Dream Textures

In Dream textures preferences search for Stable Diffusion and download V1.4.

Now Go to DT2DB addon Preferences and click the 'Install DeepBump' Button to install the DeepBump addon. It will automatically show you once the installation is done.

Open DeepBump addon preferences and click the 'Install Dependencies' button. If your Blender is installed in the C drive you might need to restart blender as administrator and click the button again.

Installation is now complete.

To use the addon head over to the Shader editor.

You will find the DT2DB tab in the side panel.

The settings are pretty simple and self-explanatory.

Beautify Tags:

Beautify tags are a list of reusable tags that you can append to the prompt for better results.

You can create beautify tags list in the addon preferences. 

When you click the button next to the prompt field it will cycle through all the available lists. If you want to disable it simply hold down CTRL while clicking it.

DeepBump uses onnxruntime dependency by Microsoft, You can check their policy here:

For feedback and queries contact

or join the Discord Server:

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DT2DB Bridge - PBR Materials using AI

101 ratings
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