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RanTools (and P-Cutter) All-In-One Blender Addon

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Some of the new Features in the RanTools(and P-Cutter) Addon Include:

New HDRI Library, Fast Cutter Mode for P-Cutter , Better Cloth and Cable Simulations, and asset browser support for material Library.

For more details you can check it out here:

V3.0 OUT NOW!!

New Features:


New HDRI Library and Advanced World Shader:

Fast Cutter Mode for P-Cutter:

Asset Browser Support for Material Library:

Improved Cloth and Cable Simulations:


Align Grid to Vertex and Face Mirror for P-Cutter

Synced Modifiers Integration

Material Library and Material Mixing (Node Mixing Menu) (v1.1.0)


A Random assortment of Hardsurface tools, Rendering tools, Light tools, Modifier tools, Texture Baking tools, and so much more!

RanTools is your one-stop-shop for tools: bundled with a tool for every need, be it creation, detailing, presentation or rendering.

With an unparalleled grid-based boolean and draw system, a single-click solution to Boolean cleanup, modifier presets, tools to add wires and simulate them with one click, and backup tools to help you manage object backup versions like a pro, working will never be this easier and efficient.

Need backdrops or lights? Want to render multiple angles at the same time? Want to present your models in the best way possible with clay and wireframe renders? RanTools got you covered!


RanTools V3.0:

RanTools v2.0:

RanTools v1.1.0:

Version 1.0.7:


Draw perfection with absolute precision using the new P-cutter! Use grid, inset points, angle snapping, intersect snapping to draw shapes the way they're meant to be!

Grid Based Drawing System


Array (Both Radial and Linear)

2 Grid Types and 2 Modes: Boolean And Draw

Inset Points,Angle Snapping & Intersect Snapping

Boolean Cleanup:

A straightforward, painless solution for cleaning boolean cuts! No more sliding and merging hassles! Precise control via easy-to-use sliders!

Batch Rendering:

Showcase the best of your art via camera and rendering tools! Set aspect ratio, resolution,shutter speed and focal length, all from one menu with a single click, and effortlessly add backdrops and lights! Using batch rendering tools, create rendering presets and render with different angles, cameras and settings! Also, generate clay and wireframe renders of your models!

Batch rendering of an object with 4 presets:

Interactive Camera Adjust

Curve Tools:

Create cables, generate multiple wires, simulate or apply objects on elementary curves to create custom curves!

Creating cables has never been more easier! Two clicks is all it takes!

Convert single wires to multiples, in a radial or parallel pattern.

Simulate wires in real-time, with collisions.

Put any object onto a curve to create custom cables or coverings.

Modifier Presets:

Save time with modifier presets! Store single modifier settings or even entire modifier stacks as presets! Load them again with a single click, without having to rebuild from scratch! Use these presets to create non-destructive meshes from a single vertex ,auto-update object fields of modifiers on an active object with previously selected objects, and much more!


Sphere Cast Preset

Non Destructive Spiral from single vertex

Special purpose preset for Tyres

Quick Modifier Adjust:

Increase productivity with adjust modifiers! Adjust existing modifiers on-the-fly, directly from the viewport, via the booleans pie menu!

Backup Manager:

Work like a pro! Use BackUp Manager to create and manage backup versions of your objects! Quickly switch between object versions without worrying about children or associated cutters! Transfer normals along versions to fix shading artifacts!

Go back to any version in one click

Transfer normals from backup versions to fix shading issues

Amazed? We're not done yet! There's more where that came from!

Material Tools:

> Toggle the UV Checker texture on and off via the pie menu!

> Drag n' drop materials from a face or object to another seamlessly with the Material Dropper!

> Make small changes in materials directly from the viewport via Quick Adjust!

> Seamlessly setup all PBR textures from directories and subdirectories with a single click!

Quickly toggle UV Checker texture on and off

Make changes in materials directly from the viewport(sockets visible can be customised from the preferences)

Texture Baking Tools:

> Bake bevel maps with ease! Empty normal sockets are automatically found to add the maps!

> Bake simple or worn edge masks to enhance material details!

> Bake single and multiple textures at the same time, even for multiple objects!

> Eliminate the tiring tasks of manually creating and selecting images, and leave it all to RanTools!

Bake Bevels with one click

Light Groups:

> Light grouping tools let you control and manage multiple light sources together as groups.

> Select, delete, dissolve groups with one click!

> Within groups, also change intensities or randomize colors with single clicks!

> With multiple groups, you can isolate one to see its independent effects on the scene - hassle-free!

Random/Miscellaneous Tools:

Effortlessly search and append objects, materials, node groups or even entire collections blazingly fast via Quick Append, right from the viewport!

Add Flow Map to any texture with one click!

View based mirror. Just look at the axis you want to mirror along and press Alt+E

Dice From View

Faces to Cloth

Circular Array

Slice booleans to glass panels

and a lot more!


Slice to Glass uses Glass 2.4 shader (CC-0) by CG Vertex available for free on Blendswap

* The Material library depends on (A great site for free CC0 PBR Textures) for textures and requires an active internet connection to download new textures. (Although you can use already downloaded textures from the offline section). Just keep in mind if in an extremely rare situation the site is down (or API becomes paid) you won't be able to use the online library.

Don't wish to purchase the complete kit? Cater only to your specific needs! In the upcoming weeks, each tool will be individually available as separate add-ons!

Tested on Windows 10 (20H2),Windows 11, Ubuntu 21.04 & macOS (Catalina) with Blender 2.91->3.0

Blender 2.90 and older are currently not supported 


For Feedback and Support:



  • PolyHaven HDRI Library (ALT+N)
  • Advanced ‘RT_World’ Node for HDRIs
  • Fast Cutter mode for P-Cutter
  • New Master Pie Menu
  • Complete Japanese Translation
  • Shortcut Keys under RanTools Preferences
  • Option to use Pie menu for Favorite Modifier Presets (Enable Under RanTools Preferences>Modifier Presets )
  • Remesh using dice in Edit Mode and limit the effect to only the selected faces
  • Option to Adjust Circle segments after the drawing ( Enable under P-Cutter Preferences of RanTools)
  • Option to disable the last shape remembering behavior of P-Cutter.
  • Ability to change the Font Size of the on-screen UI.
  • Added manual for all operators (Press F1 while hovering over an operator)
  • New Help Section in N-Panel.
  • Option to see the final shape while using snapping(On by default. Return to the old behavior by unchecking show final (snapped) shape while using Snapping’ under P-cutter Preferences).
  • Ability to select objects with selected material
  • Material Library now supports marking downloaded materials as assets
  • Setup Materials can now mark all created materials as an asset
  • New Edges pie menu in Edit Mode
  • ID Map Baking for Bake Tools.
  • Ability to bake multiple objects to one single texture
  • Much faster baking when baking multiple objects simultaneously.
  • Shoot Through the mesh for booleans(Key: F1)
  • Faster Boolean Cleanups with auto loop select
  • Better Dice Remeshing
  • Cloth Remesh and Simulation are split into 2 parts now.
  • P-Cutter Grid can be rotated on all axes.(Press ‘`’ to change the axis)
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RanTools (and P-Cutter) All-In-One Blender Addon

25 ratings
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